Leather Cleaning Duo. Renew and Horsehair leather brush

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Our Leather cleaning duo kit is perfect for all your leather cleaning needs. Included in this kit is our Premium Horsehair leather brush and our Renew foaming leather cleaner.

Renew Foaming leather cleaner

Renew Leather Cleaner is a neutral foaming formula that is specially designed to remove dirt and grime from all leather and vinyl finishes. 

The foaming formula penetrates easily into the grain of the leather and lifts the dirt and grime to the surface. Renew leather cleaner is kind on all leather finishes but tough on dirt and grime.

The specially designed airless foaming pump head dispenses 0.5ml of product per pump which helps to regulate usage and saves from over usage and oversaturation of the surface.

Premium Horse Hair Leather Brush

Our premium leather brush is made with natural horsehair bristles which are densely-packed into a durable, smooth wooden handle. Horsehair is the ideal material for leather cleaning. Unlike some tough nylon brushes, the horsehair bristles are Soft, durable and safe to use on all finishes. The Long bristles are soft and gentle on all leather and vinyl but also durable and tough enough to remove embedded dirt, grime and stains.


Length - 17cm. Width - 5cm. Height - 4.5cm

Bristle Depth- 25mm