Dry & Shine Bundle

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This bundle includes our 1100gsm Ultra thick drying towel along with 500ml of Our Hydrophobe which is perfect for use as a drying aid. 

HYDROPHOBE Is A Wax Infused, Easy On Easy Off Hydrophobic Detailer/Drying Aid For Those Who Are Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Achieve A Deep Gloss Shine With Added Hydrophobic Protection.

Hydrophobe can be use on wet panels as a gloss enhancing drying aid once your car has been washed and is ready to dry. Hydrophobe can also be used on clean dry panels as a conventional detailing spray.

A couple of sprays per panel is all that is needed. Spread the product with a clean microfibre cloth before buffing off with a clean side.

The Big  XL Drying Towel 50cm x 70cm 1100gsm
An incredibly soft plush towel which is safe for even the most delicate of paint finishes.
It guzzles water for its size. Our towel can also be used with quick detailers

Machine Washable - Wash at 40 degrees with a good non bio detergent or dedicated microfibre wash powder/liquid with no fabric softener.