ILLUSIVE Ptfe Teflon Wax High Gloss Shine Car Show Wax

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Illusive PTFE Wax is a high quality PTFE Based Wax Coating which will leave all paintwork with an incredible, enhanced high gloss finish and an extremely hydrophobic finish. Our unique wax incorporates synthetic PTFE ingredients to boost the hydrophobic properties and increases durability. The other advantage of the PTFE backbone is the ability to withstand higher temperatures, this makes illusive perfect for use on alloy wheels in addition to your cars paintwork. Illusive has extremely impressive hydrophobic qualities and impressive durability.


Coat paintwork evenly and lightly using your foam applicator of choice. 

Apply the wax to a couple of panels at a time and leave for around 2-5 mins for the wax to bond and cure

Once cured buff with a clean plush microfibre